ICR Outdoor Property Services has always taken a exceptional amount of pride in our lawn maintenance services. Attention to detail and having the same people on your yard from season start to finish has always been a cornerstone in helping our clients have a well groomed yard in both commerical and residential settings. We will give your property the attention it deserves and you will love the results you see.

Ongoing maintenance is important toward ensuring that your property is receiving its best care throughout the seasons. At ICR Outdoor Property Services, we provide maintenance for your property from spring through summer and into fall and winter, all year-round. Our lawn maintenance services are intended to not only keep your property polished and groomed at all times but to also provide it with what it needs to flourish.

We work with both commercial and residential properties throughout Hendricks and Morgan county. Providing a high standard of excellence is a top priority for our company, which is why you can expect experienced, detail-driven landscapers at every visit to your property.

Proper mowing is critical for a lawn to thrive. The three most important basics of lawn mowing include:

  • Mowing at the proper height
  • Mowing on a consistent basis
  • Keeping mower blades sharp

We are careful not to remove more than one-third of the blade height in a single mowing session. Mowing sessions start in spring, around late March or early April, and go through October on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, depending on weather conditions.

Mowing services include mowing, string trimming, edging, and blowing around your entire property. A typical mowing session looks like the following:

  • Mow the turf to get a nice, even cut across the entire lawn
  • String trim around hard to reach areas such as around your house, trees, fence, and any of your hardscaping elements
  • Edge to create a sharp, defined line between your grass and any bordering elements like walkways or your driveway. Edging creates a manicured look to your property
  • Blower all grass clippings from your driveway and walkways


Trimming & Pruning

A common and very important task for keeping your landscape plants healthy is trimming and pruning. When trimming, we're controlling the shape and size, while pruning removes branches selectively for health reasons.

Trimming of your shrubs, hedges, and small trees should be done a few times per year for low maintenance landscapes, but as much as once per month for more manicured properties. Pruning, on the other hand, should only be done twice per year and the timing depends on the type of plant being pruned.

Mulching Services

Mulch offers both beneficial and aesthetically pleasing attributes to your landscaping beds. These ground coverings protect your plants, bushes, shrubs, and small trees, and help to retain moisture while preventing soil erosion.

Some of the most popular mulch installation options include:

  • Medium bark
  • Fine bark
  • Compost mulch
  • Cedar woodchips
  • Cypress
  • Double-ground hardwood

Seasonal Cleanups

Around March or April, we provide our spring cleanups, which consist of removing leaves, small branches, and other yard debris. During spring cleanups, we also rake through your landscaping beds to get them ready for mulching. During this time, we also perform landscape bed maintenance.

Fall cleanups are performed by the end of November. We generally wait as long as possible to perform your leaf removal services during fall cleanups, as leaf removal is the biggest part of fall cleanups and we aim to avoid the need to perform multiple service visitations. The quicker leaves can be removed, the healthier your fall lawn will remain.